Re: Clustering on Linux Was: Re: New dad (again)..

Harald Milz (
Sun, 17 May 98 17:14 CEST

Pierre Phaneuf ( wrote:
> Microsoft has something called Wolfpack, that I don't even know what it
> does exactly.

Simple. Wolfpack is the piece of Microsoft software which was built to
suggest the world M$ invented high availability clustering. When Unix has
had it for years, that is. 2 nodes only, simple failover, no concurrent
access like with Oracle Parallel Server, etc., quite premature compared
to HP's MC/ServiceGuard, IBM's HACMP for AIX, DEC's Trucluster, SNI's
Observe etc etc. I worked as a 2nd level support specialist for IBM's
HACMP, and what I see from Wolfpack is ridiculous. But their marketecture
is plain great. For technical information about concepts etc. see the Linux
High Availability HOWTO.

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