2.1.102 broke ncr53c8xx SCSI

Thomas Sailer (sailer@ife.ee.ethz.ch)
Mon, 18 May 1998 13:11:51 +0200

In Linux 2.1.102, the ncr53c8xx driver stopped working for
me. When I try to mount the CDROM (a Toshiba XM 5701), I
get constantly timing out SCSI requests.

It's likely not a hardware problem, because:
- it worked flawlessly until (and including) 2.1.101
- the alternate NCR driver (53c7,8xx) still works.
However, this driver has other problems, in that it
does not like to share interrupts, and the PCI bios likes
to put every PCI card onto the same interrupt.


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