pppd broken in 2.1.102?

raj dutt (rdutt@voxel.net)
Mon, 18 May 1998 11:19:58 +0000


I just installed 2.1.102 on some of our workstations (4 of them) here.
The ones on ethernet (3com and Intel EtherExpress) work perfectly. Seems
to be running great.

One of these machines is under extremely high loads and is pretty much
constantly compiling kernels (normally 2 simultaneously) for other
machines to be shipped. It has been running flawlessly for a few hours.
Will let you know how it's doing.

The spec's of these three systems are as follows :

Intel Pentium PRO 180 or Pentium PRO 200
64MB / 96 MB EDO RAM
3.2GB / 6.4GB IBM DAQ series HDD
Matrox Millenium / Matrox Millenium II PCI Display
3com 3c905 / Intel EtherExpress 100 PCI 100 NIC

These three machines were either running 2.0.33 or 2.1.95

Now for the problem ...

The fourth machine is the same configuration as the other three but has
an External USR modem instead of a NIC.
It used to be running 2.1.97, so I had previously upgraded the pppd to
With 2.1.102 it seems that pppd is broken. The modem will loose carrier
after a few seconds as if the remote side ppp is not 'syncing' with the
local side. Switching back to the last kernel I had backed up on this
machine (2.1.95) fixes this problem totally.

Any suggestions for this fourth case would be greatly appreciated.
Overall, I am very pleased with the latest batch of both 2.1.9x and
Keep up the great work! :-)

Raj Dutt
voxel systems

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