Re: 2.1.102, IDE DMA and OPTi 82C621

mlord (
Mon, 18 May 1998 12:19:31 -0400

Trevor Johnson wrote:
> I have a PC with an Amptron PM-7400 motherboard. The OPTi 82C621 chip is
> built onto it. According to the author of the Linux driver for this chip,
> it does not support IDE DMA. I compiled Linux 2.1.102 with

I am the author of the Linux IDE DMA driver,
which is *the* driver for all IDE PCI DMA chipsets,
and I don't remember you asking me that.

In front of me, is the OPTi 82C621 chip technical documentation
(from OPTi), clearly showing full support for IDE Bus-Master DMA.


> 00:14.0 IDE interface: OPTi Inc. 82C621 (rev 11) (prog-if 80)
> Control: I/O+ Mem- BusMaster+ SpecCycle- MemWINV- VGASnoop-

Looks like BusMaster DMA to me.

Perhaps there is a problem with the drives or BIOS intialization.

The Linux IDE guy

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