the way 2.1 shuts down compared to 2.0

Marty Leisner (
Mon, 18 May 1998 21:03:58 PDT

I have some nfs mounts in my /etc/fstab file.

When I shutdown 2.0.33 or 2.1.*, I get:
Unmounting file systems
RPC portmapper failure
RPC unable to receive
umount:/usr/local device busy
umount:/usr/gnu device busy
umount:/usr/X11R6 device busy

While I have amd running off /usr/local, I don't see anything off

What is annoying, is 2.0 just reboots anyway, but
2.1 sits in a loop and just prints:
RPC sendmsg returned 101

I have to power-cycle 2.1 to reset it...

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