Re: Egcs 1.0.3 & Linux

Khimenko Victor (
Tue, 19 May 1998 07:57:22 +0400 (MSD)

CW> > Unfortunatelly "bug in source code" is VERY VERY week conception. Simple
CW> > example:
CW> >
CW> > #include <stdio.h>
CW> > int a=0;
CW> > int f(void) { a=1;return 1; }
CW> > void main(void) { printf("%d",f()+a); }
CW> I was under the impression that in the case of equal operator precedence the
CW> order was defined to be strictly left to right, so in this case it should
CW> return 2 and never 1.
Problem not with equal operator. Problem is with plus operator. Compiler has
right to extract value of "a" first, to call f() next and to sum extracted value
(0) with result of function all (1). Result, of course, will be 1.

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