Re: Sound diff of the day

Andrew Veliath (
Tue, 19 May 1998 01:14:36 -0300

..--==- Tue, 19 May 98 01:14 BST,
..--==- Alan Cox (AC) mentioned:

AC) I've put my "diff of the day" on (in /pub/alan
AC) as all my stuff is). This fixes a huge (but fortunately
AC) harmless) screwup in the soundblaster driver and splits OSS from
AC) the top sound allocators. This should be the basis for running
AC) OSS and non OSS sound modules together. Who knows may in 2.2 you
AC) will be able to mixx OSS free, non OSS, and commercial OSS
AC) modules in one box. Thats the cunning plot anyway

AC) Right now it works for OSS. You will need to insmod soundcore
AC) before sound.


Seems to work, so far Alan! I've already modified my driver to use
this mechanism (very simple changes), and it will use it if
HAVE_SOUND_H is defined, otherwise compile as a standalone. Just
tested both ways, but haven't tried with other OSS peripherals since I
don't have any.


Andrew Veliath,

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