Re: [PARPORT] [PATCH] parport_share.c not naming correctly

Bill Davidsen (
Mon, 18 May 1998 21:24:20 EDT

Inaky Perez Gonzalez <> wrote:

> Well, I cannot govern when the zip drive is going to be used
> and when any of the printers. A user may be wishing to print and in
> then another one may use the zip drive ... the request order is
> something unpredictable.
> If the sollution is to have them loaded at the very begining
> in the right order, what do I want modules for?

Actually, you want modules so you can avoid loading them if you don't
have/want the device, so you kernel is a reasonable size, so you can
try a new version without rebooting... Given code sizes and typical
memory sizes, loading all the parport stuff in the order you want is
reasonable, and there are many reasons to use modules, not related to
kernel size.

That said, I totally agree that it would be reasonable and useful to be
able to set the device name, or at least to have an entry in /proc which
gives you the mapping if you need it.

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