Re: patch: 2.1.102 and UMSDOS

Matija Nalis (
Mon, 18 May 98 21:48 MET DST

In linux-kernel, wrote:

>UMSDOS is not mentioned in the MAINTAINERS file, so I'm writing to the
>list and to Linus.

Please mail umsdos-related things to me (
I'd add pointer to MAINTAINERS in next patch (I've only rememberd CREDITS
last time).

Also, you may find fs/umsdos/README-WIP.txt containing some other useful
information (like, backup your filesystems first :)

>I get this error:
># modprobe umsdos
>/lib/modules/current/fs/umsdos.o: unresolved symbol fat_dir_ioctl
>/lib/modules/current/fs/umsdos.o: unresolved symbol fat_readpage

Yes, I forgot to put few exports. Please try this patch:

diff -ur linux-95-orig/fs/fat/fatfs_syms.c linux/fs/fat/fatfs_syms.c
--- linux-95-orig/fs/fat/fatfs_syms.c Sun Mar 15 21:20:59 1998
+++ linux/fs/fat/fatfs_syms.c Fri Apr 3 20:54:42 1998
@@ -52,6 +52,8 @@

int init_fat_fs(void)

If I manage to fix few other important things, next diff (containing those)
will be in 2.1.103:

>I also received these compilation warnings:
>namei.c:929: warning: passing arg 1 of `umsdos_isempty' discards
>`volatile' from pointer target type
>namei.c:941: warning: passing arg 1 of `msdos_unlink' discards `volatile'
>from pointer target type

Yes, I know about those two. I'd left them there to remind me I need to
check this... :-)

>emd.c:311: warning: `#ifdef' argument starts with a digit

Thanks, my gcc missed this typo. Patch is ok, will be incorporated in next
official diff.

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