Re: umount failure

David Woodhouse (
Wed, 20 May 1998 01:30:06 +0200

monnier+lists/linux/kernel/news/@TEQUILA.SYSTEMSZ.CS.YALE.EDU said:
> Shouldn't it be possible to do a forced umount (at worst a forced
> "mount -o remount,ro") during shutdown ?

> Is there a fundamental reason why this cannot be done ? Doesn't
> `revoke' have to solve the same difficulties ?

As does Magic-SysRq-U, to a certain extent. Between them, they should provide
the majority of the code we need to implement a forced unmount.

However, we might need to add a new syscall for it. umount(2) currently only
takes a single argument: the name of the device/filesystem to be unmounted.

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