Re: Cyrix 6x86MX and Centaur C6 CPUs in 2.1.102

Martin Mares (
Fri, 22 May 1998 13:17:08 +0200


> I know that Linus called this internal kernel parameter "BogoMIPS" as a
> touch of humor. Unfortunately, non-English speaking Linux users usually
> don't understand the word "bogus". And even English speaking people
> sometimes think this is a measure of performance. Something humorous is
> mistaken for something serious, real, and confusing.
> If we have to calculate a TSC rate/jiffy during boot, and since this
> essentially reflects MHz rating, I would prefer, for the sake of
> clarity, to have that information replace Bogomips in /proc/cpuinfo,
> _when_ the CPU supports a TSC.

o Users who don't know what does "bogus" mean are not expected
to understand the information in /proc/cpuinfo anyway. They
run some `show system configuration and hide from me everything
I possibly wouldn't understand' utility.

o As long as the BogoMIPS value has any real meaning to the kernel,
it's wise to have it available for kernel hackers to know. And
/proc/... is surely a place for use by kernel hackers and programs,
not by inexperienced people.

> I never wrote that. I wrote that people who use 386s don't usually run
> programs that parse the F00F line in /proc/cpuinfo, for example. No
> assumption was made on the knowledge of these Linux users.

s/F00F bug/FDIV bug/ and s/386s/Pentiums/.

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