Re: Some more random question...
Fri, 22 May 1998 11:59:53 -0400

On 1998-05-22, "Lorenzo M. Catucci" <> wrote:

> I'm a pratically C-dumb people...

Me too ;)

> anymore: I'm talking about Stephen's supermount stuff...
> Apart from the hard stuff both Ingo and Stephan have been doing until now
> for 2.2, are there any reasons why those things stayed out of the kernel?

I'll second this, even though it is Wrong to ask for 2.2 features at this
date. Any chance of supermount being included in 2.2? It is quite handy,
especially in situations where the mtools won't cut it. Think NFS exporting
Supermounted floppy drives off Linux XTerms back to XDM servers...

IIRC there are some nontrivial changes needed in Supermount (at least the
version I last dug through the code for, 0.4c) to work with 2.1, and
therefore 2.2. By "nontrivial" I mean that after looking at it for a while,
my C-know-guess-so brain was squashed, just like grape. I don't remember the
exact issues. I'm sure Stephan could make the necessary changes pretty
easily, though :)

Stephan, do you plan to do so? (Have you already? :)
Assuming inclusion in 2.2 is out of the question, an unapproved-but-updated
Supermount for 2.1/2.2 would be cool... and perhaps one of the first things
to go into 2.3?

Hank Leininger <>

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