2.0.34-pre16 and tga.c

Miquel van Smoorenburg (miquels@cistron.nl)
23 May 1998 14:13:30 +0200

I see a lot of Alpha updates have crept into the 2.0.34pre series. Nice ..
But there are some suspicious changes to tga.c. The init code is now
only called from arch/alpha/kernel/bios32.c, so you cannot use a tga card
in a standard PC anymore (if that ever was possible ...)

Furthermode tga.c doesn't call register_console anymore, and console.c
doesn't either unless (video_type != VIDEO_TYPE_TGAC).

I cannot test or fix this as I do not have an alpha running at the moment,
it just appeared to me as I applied the backported-from-
2.1.x-serial-console-patch to 2.0.34pre16 (no such problem a few prepatches

Hopefully this is of some use to someone.


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