Re: 2.0.34p15 bugs? (probably 2.1 too)

Michal Jaegermann (
Sat, 23 May 1998 17:05:05 -0600 (MDT)

Chris Evans writes:

> Someone posted a one-liner fix to invalidate inodes upon
> umount/remount/whatever. Any chance of this making 2.0.34 Alan

I tried that one-liner on a laptop I am just hacking and which
happens to have 2.0.34p15 on it. On boot I was flooded with
multiple "VFS: inode busy on a removed device 03:03".
The same when I tried to remount read-only or to change some
other options.

Device 03:03, a.k.a. /dev/hda3, happens to hold a root partition
on this machine. I do not know why I got all these messages,
obviously from 'invalidate_inodes()' call, but fsck does not
indicate anything amiss and I do not see any other ill-effects.


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