TCP still hangs w/2.0.34pre16

Jim Wilcoxson (
Sat, 23 May 1998 16:26:26 -0700

We've been having web server hangs since 2.0.32. I upgraded to 2.0.34pre16
yesterday hoping the hangs would go away, but no luck. The web server is
threaded (AOL server, and please, no flames :-)

Here's netstat -a output if that helps:

tcp 0 0 (my hostname) BayArea56k469.Net:63643 FIN_WAIT2
tcp 0 0 (my hostname) BayArea56k469.Net:63645 FIN_WAIT2
tcp 0 0 (my hostname) BayArea56k469.Net:63646 FIN_WAIT2
tcp 0 0 (my hostname) BayArea56k469.Net:63652 FIN_WAIT2

This seems to happen more often from one of our laptops than from the
other; both are running Win 95 with patches and service packs, though
patching Windows feels like "Hmmm... wonder what I have now?"

Any advice on how to track this down better?


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