2.1.111 Console Almost O.K. on Mono

Bill Metzenthen (melbpc@melbpc.org.au)
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 07:42:54 +1000 (EST)

The horrid underlining which was a feature with the monochrome Linux
vt's on the previous two releases of the kernel has gone. Unfortunately,
so has the cursor. A couple of brief experiments didn't result in
me finding a way to turn it on.

My adaptor is an HGA clone.

Bill Metzenthen        | See http://www.suburbia.net/~billm/ for information
billm@melbpc.org.au    | on an 80x87 FPU emulator, using floating point
billm@suburbia.net     | (particularly on Linux), and code for manipulating
Melbourne, Australia   | the floating point environment on 80x86 Linux.

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