Re: 2.1.111: CONSOLE: STILL reproducible oddities

Martin Mares (
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 23:51:52 +0200


> 1) I can _blank_ the console with "find ." in /usr/src/linux. The
> operation takes about 1 sec to complete (when cached). If I press up arrow
> then return to fire off repeated "find ." commands _before_ the previous
> one has completed, my console blanks! Restores when I alt-f<something
> different>

> 2) On my system, Alt-F8 is a non-existant console. When I'm on a valid
> text console and press Alt-F8 (or F9, etc.) my text cursor stops blinking,
> but the screen remains on the original tty. Screwy.

Can you try the patch I've announced few hours ago?

> 3) I appear to have _much_ less pages of scrollback with shift-pageup.

You can try #defining VGA_CAN_DO_64KB in drivers/video/vgacon.c (BTW
didn't you have this enabled in your old kernel?).

Have a nice fortnight

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