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Tuomas Haarala (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 01:39:49 +0300 (EET DST)

Johan Myren <> Wrote:

> To illustrate how differently people see on symbols and
> things, and how important they can be: why not put this symbol
> in the boot logo?

> | +----
> | |
> +---+---+
> | |
> ----+ |

> If someone is offended by it, we could always say it pictures
> an Elbonian windmill.

If someone is offended, we can tell them to look at
their history books once again, as that is not the symbol
nazis used, as the one they used, is turned 45 degrees
compared to that. (In fact, that is a "fylfot", I've been

As you have a ".fi" in your email address, you should know
this also, as that sign was in use in our air forces logo,
until 1945. That symbol you've presented, hasn't been drawn to
dirt by anyone else but ignorant people who do not know

IF that would be turned for that 45 degrees and coloured with
red, white and black, then there would be reason to get
offended. (In fact, black logo in white circle located in
red basecolor, that is how todays nazis present their symbols,
not with swastika.)

Sorry for offtopic message. If you feel like responding to this
message, please send it straight to me, and if you are interested
in following conversation about this, send me email. If there is
wide interest in this topic <symbols mixed with nazis symbols>,
I can set up a mailing list about this.


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