Re: Is the boot logo politically correct?

David Luyer (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 12:54:15 +0800

> Oh, for cryin' out loud, somebody make it a /proc entry, or a real dev device.
> you write a pbm to the device and it replaces the logo!

The _boot_ logo? I think you've missed a bit of thought here.
Writing to /dev/boot_logo updates the boot logo in the compressed

BTW - I agree that the beer drinking is inappropriate on a logo for
international software for two reasons;

1) countries where advertising alcohol is illegal, it may be illegal
to advertise a CD with a logo including a penguin drinking beer
(where there are laws to prevent indirect advertising of substances
for which advertising is prohibited).

2) as mentioned before, countries where alcohol is against the religion
and the law - such as various middle-eastern countries - associate
negative connotations with alcohol akin to what we might associate with

But yes, it is 'nicer' than the BSD Demon. However remember the Demon is
mainly likely to have the chance to offend those of western cultures, and in
western cultures (where the Demon means something) religion tends to not be
taken to such extremes as it can be in eastern and middle-eastern cultures
and laws.


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