dynamic changing of framing protocols

Rob Braun (bbraun@nago.cs.colorado.edu)
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 00:17:17 -0600

It would be nice if any network device could switch between framing
protocols with ease, even if the orginal author of the device driver
did not mean for that device to use a particular framing protocol.

Really, the only ethernet specific things that ethernet devices
call are the init_etherdev() and eth_type_trans().
However, I was more thinking along the lines of T1 and T3 drivers
which would like to switch between HDLC and synchronous ppp easily.

If a uint32 were added to the device structure as a flag for what
framing protocol the device was currently using, and a generic
type_trans() function to call the appropriate type_trans function,
it would be easy to change the framing protocol during runtime.

The device driver shouldn't have to be aware of this at all.


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