Re: [PATCH] 2.0.35: updated Jumbo -8 patch

Peter T. Breuer (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 08:28:35 +0200 (MET DST)

"A month of sundays ago Andrew Derrick Balsa wrote:"
> Rev. 8 of the Jumbo patch against 2.0.35 is now available from:

Thanks .. I am looking for sources of patches that may allow me to stop
maintaining my old 2.0.25 sources! I have looked at yours in the past. Very
nice. I have been considering going to 2.0.32 (and 2.0.33 and ..) but
a) every time I begin to feel that the 2.0.3* series has stabilized,
somebody discovers a new major bug that needs fixing, b) even the most
up to date 2.0.3* don't have the minimal features that I need.

What I require, as a *minimum* is:

1) all known bugfixes (already in 2.0.35) and no new bugs
(also already in 2.0.35 :-).

2) e2compr support

3) dmsdos support

4) atm driver support

5) /proc/config support (nothing else will do, maintenance-wise)

6) the "output-patch" support, for listing patches in boot messages.

7) paride support (already in 2.0.35?)

8) corrected sun ufs support (already in 2.0.35?)

9) ntfs, autofs, fat32 (+joliet, nls, etc.) support (already in 2.0.35?)

10) modularized sound support (already in 2.0.35)

11) SB AWE 32/64 support

12) support/fix for removable scsi media (spindown awareness, etc.)

13) 2048 byte sector support on scsi.

14) latest drivers of everything I already have (already in 2.0.35)

15) raid 145 support

16) bttv/video suport

In addition, there are some cosmetic things that i need that are not vital
and which I just like to play with:

i) bootlogo

ii) qnx scheduler

iii) nfs locking

How does that compare with your list?

Can't think of anything else at the moment. The situation here is that i
administer (by default) a net of linux, solaris, and sgi machines,
running 10/100BT and ATM, and using nfs and nis heavily. This is the
department of telecommunication engineering, and we have to impress with
our mastery of multimedia technologies. That means newest
whoodangledinks installed in every machine when the money comes in every
year, and either linux makes it work, or the machine is lost to
windows95 mode forever.

Needless to say, I need all this patch stuff to make some of our machines
work, and therefore I need it in all kernels, since I am not going to
distribute more than one basic kernel. The only exception I make is for
scsi-based file servers, which have a separate kernel.


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