Re: 2.0.35: SMP Bug

Dancer (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 22:58:09 +1000

Eyal Lebedinsky wrote:
> Matthias Reineke wrote:
> > today i got several system crashes with Linux SMP 2.0.35 (dual PII-333,
> > Intel Etherexpress PRO10/100+, Motherboard ASUS P2B-DS, ICP Vortex
> > GDT6537RP SCSI Raid-Controller). The system message was:
> >
> > eth1: SMP simultaneous entry of an interrupt handler
> Mmm. I get regular problems with 3Com EtherLinkIII 100BaseT card. It is
> in
> an ASUS dual Ppro mobo in my case. I do not have a machine nearby but
> the
> machine basically dies with an endless message about interrupt loop(?).
> I wonder if this is a .35 problem rather than a specific driver.

We have had serious trouble with interrupts on an SMP system under
2.0.32. The cards come under the 3c59x driver. Ultimately, we couldn't
achieve stability until we turned off the second CPU in the
BIOS...simply switching to a mono-processing kernel didn't much help. We
have quite a similar system to Matthias'.


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