Re: GUS patch

Nathan Hand (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 23:03:01 +1000 (EST)

On Mon, 27 Jul 1998, Francisco Rodrigo Escobedo Robles wrote:

> Some weeks ago, I asked for a solution to the fact that GUS Classic sound
> cards "hanged" on output of digital sound. Somebody (I don't remember) told
> me to manually change a line in drivers/sound/dmabuf.c, and it worked OK.
> He said his patch were in the way to the source tree, but as of 2.1.111, it
> insn't yet. I enclose the patch (although the merit isn't mine), in case
> someone found it interesting.

I wrote that patch, and if you check the archives I think you'll find
that nobody claimed that patch was going into the kernel source. That
patch worked for me, but I asked for Alan's approval before including
it into the kernel source tree, and I said as much with the patch.

Alan said that the patch was incorrect (only solved the symptoms, not
the cause). The patch does not belong in the kernel tree, so you will
need to wait for a proper patch from Alan or somebody else. I'm still
using the old patch, in the absence of anything better.

> I have 2 computers, one with an AWE64 and the other with a GUS Classic-clone,
> and this patch works great on both. Does anybody know if this breaks
> something, and where is the problem, then, that the patch solves.

Alan said something about fixing the problem once his GUS arrives via
surface mail (it was lost somewhere near Swansea?).

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