Re: Kernel and modules for another machine.

Iusty Pop (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 18:32:39 +0300

Adam Soltan wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> What should I do if I want to compile a kernel and modules that are not intended
> for the system that the compilation is performed on. Meaning how do I know which
> files to copy after the compilation?
> Thanks.

After compilation, the kernel image is under (in the kernel source
tree) arch/i386/boot/zImage or bzImage, depending on what did you say to
make: make zImage or make bzImage. The latter is for bigger kernels, to
allow you to boot one over 500k I think - don't know for sure the limit.
If you compiled for another platform, replace i386 with that. But I
don't know how to compile under i386 for something else. As for modules,
the are -after "make modules"- under modules (/usr/src/linux/modules) as
simbolic links, but not in the final form - e.g. not fs/vfat.o, net/x,
block/cdrom.o, etc., but instead all in one dir. You could save your
current directory of modules (/lib/modules/<your kernel version) and
then do in the source tree make modules_install, then copy the resulted
/lib/modules/<kernel-version> to wherever you want. Good luck!
Iustin Pop

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