Re: Vga console in 2.1.112pre2 broken

Anders Melchiorsen (
27 Jul 1998 19:13:43 +0200

Geert Uytterhoeven <> writes:

> You're right. If there are no frame buffer devices found, you'll get whatever
> console was installed before. Let's hope people do not forget to enable vgacon
> then, or they'll be stick with dummycon :-(

I finally got the frame buffer stuff kind of working. I have grown
quite curious about the look of that logo :-).

Anyway, I use vga=ask on the LILO prompt and enter something like
0305. The screen turns black and the system boots. When done booting,
the virtual terminals from two and up are working - but the first one
is not.

What can I have done to cause the first terminal to just go black when
booting? It seems to be working (I can log in blindly) but not output
anything at all.

Also, there is a problem with "make xconfig" in that vgafb and vesafb
are not shown. It took a few compiles to figure out that I was not
even enabling the right stuff - only "make menuconfig" told me there
was more to it.

Regards, Anders
(address is valid)

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