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Brian K. White (linut@squonk.net)
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 13:56:17 -0400

>>> [re: joint tok'n shroom in pizza place]
>> Let's not forget the massive campaign of hate the Religious Reich
>> mounted against Proctor and Gamble for their cresent-moon logo (Satanic
>> symbol didn't you know - P&G where a bunch of devil worshippers).
>> Ultimately, they threw in the towel and changed the logo.
>Unghh.. How, in this case, does US differ from Iran 8)

It's not isolated either. There is a super-market chain that saturates my state
and is into the neighbors too I beleive called Price Chopper. It's been around
my whole (28 yrs) life at *least* and their logo consisted of the o in chopper
being a coin witha hatchet copped into it. untill a few years back the feminist
community or some minority but vocal portion of it at least decided to raise
hell claiming the logo depicted violence towards women since the coin had a
silouhett of a womans head on it. I laughed and never expected them to be taken
seriously, but
beleive it or not, right here in the US that friggn grocery store chain had to
go and change all the signs and all printed material and everything that had
their name on it in every single store. They basically robbed a long-established
and large
organization of a peice of it's very identity. the new logo is just a hatchet in
a disk. it doesn't resemble a coin at all, all US coins have heads on them
(obviously they are afraid to just switch the head to a male)

So I say, there are countless times where others can force you to do something
counter to your will to suit their will even if you are not harming or affecting
them in any way and it should be no concern of theirs. I'm glad the concensus is
to refuse to view such a concern as valid.

Subject change :)

Has it been established for sure that vesa 1.2 cards are not adequate for
using fb graphics console? I have a pci video 57-p (tgui 9680, 2M) and it's
a vesa 1.2 according to various dos apps, and with pre-2.1.111-1 I get the same
as someone else recently described. with vga text console enabled, I get the
text console. with vga text console not enabled I get uncompressing kernel.....
and nothing else, but like the other person, I can log in and start X blindly,
also svgalib apps work. but they don't seem to output the same video modes as
they usually do, for instance, zgv lets you select different resolutions while
viewing, and the modes available are different than usual.
vga=ask and then "scan" doesn't list any modes that say vesa, or that behave any
different than desribed above. (except 1/2 don't work at all, but with this
cheap monitor, many scanrates don't work -- beside the point)

The factor of whether the ram is arranged in a linear buffer or banked I don't
know how to test for. the windows drivers *say* linear.



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