Re: fb console

Alex Buell (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 18:53:08 +0000

Brian K. White wrote:

> Has it been established for sure that vesa 1.2 cards are not adequate for
> using fb graphics console?

Yep. You can't use VESA 1.2 cards as these did not provide support for
framebuffering. :o( Grr. I found this one out to my cost. Someone *may*
do a hack to emulate a framebuffer device but this uses up precious
kernel memory, and probably not worth the pain. It might be possible to
get a firmware upgrade for your card, but I doubt it. Your best bet is
to buy a newer card. you can get a Matrox 4MB for US$100 if you shop
around. It never hurts to get a kickass card :)


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