Re: 2.0.35 gp/oops

Stephen C. Tweedie (
27 Jul 1998 17:29:09 +0100

Matthew Hawkins <> writes:

> I'm suspecting a hardware problem with the box as squid is
> frequently killed off with segmentation violations, "block on
> freelist isn't free" messages occasionally, and "kfree of
> non-kmalloced memory". I haven't seen the freelist one since
> upgrading it to 2.0.35 (I think it was tripping the route cache bug
> in the .34pre patches). I'm about to turn off the L2 cache since
> 512Kb doesn't quite do 256Mb ;)

Don't bother playing around with software too much --- this is almost
certainly hardware. Check the CPU fan, see if it runs with cache
disabled, but be sure it's your box if you're getting those kfree and
freelist errors.


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