Boot logo proposal

Jamie Lokier (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 13:20:45 +0100

We have /dev/random. We have a boot logo.

We have people all over the world who are either offended by or
unconfortable with some images.

Especially when they're suggestive of a certain mentality. Face it, a
beer drinking penguin says "Linux hackers drink beer". That doesn't do
justice to the diversity of contributors.

I don't drink beer and I know I'm not going to like the beer drinking
logo when I see it, even though I have no problem with this and surround
myself with beer drinking friends all the time.

Se here comes my suggestion:

How about a set of randomly offensive and pleasing logos, such as
penguings drinking, eating and injecting various things nice and
otherwise, shagging in groups of 1 upwards with varying positions,
combinations and genders, multilating themselves and other penguins or
just drawing pretty pictures, enacting various religious rituals,
killing, healing, loving, hating, looking clean, dirty, rich, poor,
happy sad etc. and maybe even one doing nothing except sitting there...
and pick a random one at boot time.

By used whatever environmental entropy is gathered during the boot
process (/dev/random), we can be sure the choice is fair, and perhaps
suggest that the outcome reflects the angst or joy of the person
encouraging the machine to boot.

Now you guarantee to not offend nearly everyone some of the time, and
you get people to respect more the diversity of penguin nature.
Sometimes people will even see an image that makes them feel happy.
Positive, no? :)

-- Jamie

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