Trying to move DIPC out of the kernel
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 19:03:51 +0330


This is to invite people interested in developing distributed programming
systems to work on the DIPC (Distributed Inter-Process Communication)
software. DIPC works inside and under the Linux operating system to enable
programmers to transparently use System V IPC's messages, shared memories,
and semaphores in a cluster of networked Linux computers.

The aim is to try and get as much of DIPC as possible out of the kernel
and into the user-space, without affecting DIPC's excellent level of
transparency. Most of DIPC already runs in the user-space in the form of a
daemon, and it might be possible to move at least part of DIPC's kernel code
to dynamic link libraries. This will enable DIPC to be ported more easily to
other architectures supported by Linux, and possibly to other operating
systems as well. An increase in performance is also expected.

What is needed is familiarity with Linux dynamic link library implementation
and also with the concepts of distributed programming. DIPC is conceptually
a simple system, and understanding how it works will not be a major problem.
For discussions or any questions about DIPC and its design, please contact for this.

DIPC's web pages are at You can download
its package, containing complete source and documentation, from


Kamran Karimi

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