Re: [offtopic] flamers

Nathan Hand (
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 03:48:24 +1000 (EST)

On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, My Name wrote:

> Alex Buell wrote:
> > OK, the reason why I said what I did about religious freaks is that I > have
> > a problem with these people thinking it's a sin to be gay. I don't > think
> > it's a sin to be gay and believe in God, nor is gay "curable" as some > have
> > claimed in major newspapers in the States. Hence my attitude.
> > Now either mail me directly further on this topic OR say no more.
> Why do you think you have the right to abuse linux-kernel for propaganda
> on your point of view? Are you intend to start a flame war? This is
> quite a hot topic.
> And moreover what you say is rather strange. God created humans as male
> and female. "Gay" means you reject God's creation (Not a new thought see
> Romans 1:24-).
> I wrote the above to balance your comments here... Lets stop this
> conversation.

And lo, the deviants did abuse thy mailing list
Wreaking havoc upon mbox's the world over
Caring not that their whinings were not appreciated
That the topic was more pointless than a rubber ball

But yea, The Mighty Penguin was watching them
Keeping account of their bandwidth wastage
Those who offended The Mighty Penguin were sent into
The Eternal Damnation of Endless Proprietary Computing

The Book Of Penguin 3:14:159

There's only one religion on this mailing list. Can we all please
keep it that way?

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