Re: NFS and 2.1.111

Bill Hawes (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 14:40:26 -0700

John Fulmer wrote:

> I've been having problems with NFS with 2.1.111. I traditionally
> transfer large files (5-20MB) between my linux workstation and a sun
> fileserver. Up to 2.1.109 everything has been very solid, but now if I
> transfer a file larger than 6MB, I get the following error:
> cp: /vol/public/ Input/output error
> Smaller files (1-2MB) files work just fine, and NFS in general seems
> okay. I usually use 8K block sizes, but 1K blocks seem to do the same
> thing.

I haven't heard any reports of problems of this sort, and NFS is working well
here with 2.1.111.

Could you try turning on nfs debugging to see where the problem is occurring?


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