smbfs in stable kernels.

Slyglif Cain (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 21:55:10 -0700

A while ago I saw this patch on usenet to fix a problem in the stable
kernel series with smbfs. The problem is that, even with the Win95
bug work-around enabled, only 64 files are ever shown in a directory
listing, and the ones that disappear seems to be rather random. I
looked though the Documentation directory for the kernel, and the
smbfs code, but I couldn't find a maintainer. So, attached is a patch
to fix this problem. It turns out that there was a bug in the bug fix
(a misplaced "}"). If possible, could this be incorporated into the
main kernel source, as I see this problem on comp.protocols.smb. It
was created against 2.0.33, and applies cleanly against 2.0.34 and

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begin 666 smbfspatch.gz
M'XL("*+5=C4``W-M8F9S<&%T8V@`G5)-;]- $#W;OV*D7M*N-XZ=6L2)0&DA
MA:C!H,95$!?+C<?-@KT;=M>D%_X[LPT<$O%1L&1[I)DW\][,JT1=`^^ <XWK
M3AOQ%2F6N..U:! :(;L''O<'_>&PK[2X#VL3FO:.OENMUOWU0<5QTN><_[V%
MEV\ZN-AJ& X@&HWCX=@%:3KR&6-_['^,/!\GZ1XYG0*/XNA9$"7 ?@;3J0^>
MYZV6L[RW+779!A -`A@!@W-ZX].)%YZ!1M.U2+\OG=!8`7L$N0<`UHTR"$H"
M( Q(9:&\HXU;!14V= 8-I30[U.810!,H<S7/7A79[$,.=6DLD5#=_28`H\ T
AI!C(@=GM8D%>C(EN6YK/18/2^3& O4O][V]=@.:E`P``

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