Re: IDE DMA corruption

Mark Lord (
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 07:31:00 -0400

Cameron, how about some details here
so we can diagnose this further.


The (ex-)Linux IDE guy

Cameron Heide wrote: > > I've already burdened Alan Cox with my tale of woe, but just in case > you're interested in more data points I have a Fujitsu M1638TAU drive that > corrupts data when DMA is enabled but works perfectly fine in PIO mode4. > The corruption is strange enough that I do not believe it is the cables or > any other external interference (reads occasionally return data that is > correct, but shifted by two bytes and sometimes swapped with an adjacent > byte). > > I don't really care what the default DMA setting is. It is primarily > the 'it is safe to say Y to this option...' text in the configuration help > that I find misleading. > > -- > Cameron Heide (

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