Re: 2.0.35 gp/oops

Matthew Hawkins (
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 21:56:58 +1000

On Mon, 27 Jul 1998, Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:
> Don't bother playing around with software too much --- this is almost
> certainly hardware. Check the CPU fan, see if it runs with cache
> disabled, but be sure it's your box if you're getting those kfree and
> freelist errors.

CPU fan is okay. Even swapped CPU's, the newer, faster CPU just made
it crash in a shorter time period ;)
I turned off the L2 cache in the BIOS, and funnily enough, it hasn't
fallen over yet (and I'd expect it to have by now). I'm giving it a
week - that's about the longest I've ever seen squid running without
dying. The freelist error I think was the outcome of tripping the
route cache bug in the 2.0.34-pre patches, I haven't seen it yet with
2.0.35. The oops I posted was a once off, looks scsi-related to me,
probably something to do with the aic7xxx driver which always seems
to come to grief frequently on this list.

There's probably some timing issue related to why squid gets SIGSEGV.
It's freaky how the cache_mem setting is set to exactly the amount of
RAM that the L2 cache can cache.

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