Re: Corruption Stats (fwd)

Trever Adams (
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 21:54:01 -0500

> > I suppose we'll need to blacklist those models permanently.
> Good. The second you send me a blacklist, the DMA code gets immediately
> enabled again. The blacklist doesn't need to be complete - we can fill it
> up as we hear about more problems (SCSI has had this kind of blacklist for
> a long time, because even thought the specs clearly specify what a SCSI
> device should do, there are buggy devices out there that react badly to
> certain things).
> Linus

I do not wish to make this flame bash any hotter. But, I believe the
blacklist, on most hard drives, should only disable the DMA mode. It
should still allow reenabling it, with some kind of error. Maybe "What
kind of moron are you?!? DMA with this drive/controller is not safe!"

Trever Adams

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