Kernel 2.1.112

Grahame M. Kelly (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 13:18:00 +1000

>> Checking out kernel 2.1.112 patched up to date, I get the following on
>> my SMP PPro system. Kernel 2.1.110 was OK, unfortunately
>> I didn't try 2.1.111.
>> On booting I get :
>> SCSI 0: BusLogic BT-946C
>> SCSI 1: SCSI Debug
>> (and here the system hangs)

I have recompiled 2.1.112 kernel again with basic configuration
and it booted OK. When I went back and built my standard system
configuration, the problem disappeared - can't find out why, other
than a couple of inodes with zero dtime in the root directory according
to my testing logs.

So, kernel 2.1.112 is OK - by my testing.

For those interested system, 2 x PPro, 128Mb mem, 2 x IDE drives,
5 x SCSI devices, NE2000 PCI clone cards, 4Mb Matrox PCI video,
SBpro, A/D-D/A ISA card, Comtrol Rocket 16 port serial card.


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