[PATCH] 2.0.35: Jumbo -9 released

Andre Derrick Balsa (andrewbalsa@usa.net)
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 03:52:13 +0200


The Jumbo patch revision 9 has just been uploaded to:

Changes from revision 8:

- Minor documentation changes.
- Improved the IDE DMA related config options help and text.
- Added the IDE DMA blacklist code that Linus requested.

Blacklisted hard disks, if found, are reported as suggested by Alan Cox,
and PIO mode4 is used for them.

The blacklist only includes a single Western Digital model for now
(various batches of this model are known to have problems, even WD
acknowledges this). Other hard disk models can be added quite easily to
the blacklist, and as soon as Alan Cox has accumulated enough data we
shall do so (the blacklist is in the triton.c file).

As mentionned before, Mark Lord had already a "whitelist" feature coded
in the driver. Adding the "blacklist" feature was a piece of cake,
practically all that was done was a cut-and-paste of a few lines of
code. So: thanks Mark, great code to work on! :-)

Rob Dale has reported good results on a VIA MVP3 motherboard. Right now
the only chipsets not covered by this patch are the ALi (Acer Labs)
Alladin chipsets (also sold under the TxPro label).


The Jumbo patch Team

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