DICE Job: OS kernel LINUX embedded RTOS file system; Silicon Valley (fwd)

Max Inux (maxinux@bigfoot.com)
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 18:29:17 -0700 (PDT)

Just thought you might want to know That people are using Linux in many
different ways.. This sounded neat. Yes, this is a thing i sent to myself
from DICE, so feel free to apply :P

William Tiemann
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Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 19:22:48 CDT
From: DICE <nobody@dlinc.com>
To: maxinux@bigfoot.com
Subject: DICE Job: OS kernel LINUX embedded RTOS file system; Silicon Valley

This job was sent to you from Max Inux, courtesy of
DICE ( http://www.dice.com ) - the premier web site for high tech job seekers.

Alpine Recruiting staffing1
88 First Street Tel: 415-913-1600
Suite 201 Fax: 415-913-1610
San Francisco, CA 94105

POSITION TITLE : OS kernel LINUX embedded RTOS file system; Silicon Valley
SKILLS REQUIREMENTS: OS kernel LINUX embedded RTOS file system

LOCATION : CA 408 Sunnyvale
PAY RATE : Full-time Permanent open
LENGTH : permanent

EMAIL: staffing1@alpinejobs.com

WEB: http://www.alpinejobs.com

DESCRIPTION: OS kernel LINUX embedded RTOS file system; Silicon
Our client develops advanced set-top boxes for digital
television. Initial product, which is in development,
will include an embedded operating system to manage
and present streamed multimedia content; box will be
networked with TV sets to receive broadband data
delivery via satellite.
This company looks for very high caliber engineering
talent. Candidates with high energy, enthusiasm,
self-starters, and very team oriented people who also
are able to work independently. They must have a
passion for building leading edge technology, positive
attitudes regarding start up environments, i.e. wear a
lot of hats, implementers 1st, architects 2nd. Must
show a strong history of designing, implementing and
delivering, i.e. full cycle experience!
Generally, candidates from the Interactive TV,
embedded systems, multimedia (video, audio, and
compression) set top box and/or consumer electronics
arenas are particularly interesting.
Sr. member of their core OS design team designing,
developing and supporting a real-time embedded OS
based on LINUX. The overall project will involve
advanced technologies for streaming media management,
deterministic networking, high-performance file
systems, driver engineering, hardware bring-up
support, micro coding and more. This OS team member
will "own" the core kernel. They will be the "go to"
core kernel person. This is a phenominal opportunity
for anyone who wants to write fresh new code for a 1st
version embedded OS. Not to mention the exposure this
box will have once it hits the streets next January.
They are building the future of TV. A lot of
engineers like the idea of building something that
their non technical friends and family can appreciate.
Minimum of 2 years of industry experience.
Solid understanding and industry experience w/UNIX
(ideally LINUX) at the kernel level (File Systems, VM,
RTOS & Embedded OS experience is a plus as long as
they have the solid UNIX systems level
Solid C / C++ programming experience. Full Cycle,
concept to production, project experience.
If interested and qualified, please contact:
-Scott Robarge-
88 First Street Suite 201
San Francisco, CA 94105
VOICE: 415-913-1600 ext. 11
FAX: 415-913-1610
EMAIL: scottr@alpinejobs.com

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