Re: VNC ???

Jamie Lokier (
Thu, 5 Nov 1998 18:28:21 +0000

I've had quite a few enquiries about VNC.
So here's the low down:

1. It's a remote display protocol similar to X, but not the same as X.
2. It's not an X server for Windows [* - but you can make it into one].
3. It is free.
4. You can use it to view remote X applications on Windows, Windows
applications on X (see, better than an X server), and either on
a lot of other client platforms.
5. It's stateless: you can disconnect and reconnect later.
All your applications will still be there as you left them.
5. Extra funky: you can connect to your VNC server from Netscape or
Internet Exploiter. The desktop appears in the browset. I've
done that to access to my desktop from an internet cafe in another
country. It worked, it was useful.

[*] - There is a VNC/X server that runs in Windows.
By running a VNC client on the same machine, you effectively
have a free X server for Windows. Less buggy than MiX too.

Please take a look here and stop asking my about it! :-)

Folks who are after a real, free X server for Windows, please do search
for MiX. It's a bit buggy, but it's free and you can work with it. I
did before I switched to VNC.

-- Jamie

I wrote:
> Lucky me, I have another computer running Linux, to which I point my VNC
> client, over a point to point ethernet. Full screen of course: I like
> the illusion of running Linux on the client to be as complete as
> possible :-).
> > What's wrong with using Telnet and Exceed to show off the capabilities of
> > Linux?
> If he did, I would highly recommend VNC instead of Exceed as it's (a)
> free, (b) very good.

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