Re: Spinning down disks [was: IDE freeze for seconds]

Roeland Th. Jansen (
Tue, 1 Dec 1998 00:02:41 +0000

On Mon, Nov 30, 1998 at 02:07:50PM +0000, Jamie Lokier wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 29, 1998 at 11:57:27PM +0000, Roeland Th. Jansen wrote:
> > the best thing is to disable spindown, especially if you like to keep
> > your disks a bit longer....
> Is this really true? I keep wondering wether spinning them down for
> most of the day or keeping them running all day is better for them.
> I've never found anything definite either way, just folklore.

the currents that are involved are much hiher when starting, than running.
also, the bearings are getting 'kicked' each time you start the disk.
it's easiest to see with the hardware of a bulb. most of the times, it fails
when you... switch it on.

the only (maybe valid) reason you can think of, is to conserve power on a laptop.

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