RE: Problems with to large of a kernel

Timm Gleason (
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 16:20:52 -0800

Having spent more than four days trying to compile this new kernel (on top
of more than 3 years of compiling kernels from the 2.0.xx tree), I have
tried making a bzImage and read all of the docs that come with the source, I
posted to this list as a last resort for an answer. However, in order to
create a installation floppy to use to create more systems, a bzImage will
not boot itself off of a floppy. Already tried it, doesn't work.

Peter Svensson writes:

> If you use lilo on the floppy it should work. I think someone said a while
> back that support for selfbooting kernels were going away. This may be a
> mix up of mine though.
> Peter

OK, can someone confirm this? If this is true, how does one go about
creating new installation floppies from these larger kernels? We use the
Debian distribution currently. Will using lilo prevent the creation of such
an installation floppy? The docs for creating the installation floppies is
rather sparse on the order in which things happen at boot time. I assume
that this particular setup uses syslinux.exe and the accompanying .cfg file
to load the root.bin from the floppy and the boot the kernel. If I then use
lilo would I need to use loadlin to start it up?

Timm Gleason

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> Sent: Monday, November 30, 1998 3:34 PM
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> Subject: Re: Problems with to large of a kernel
> Timm Gleason wrote:
> > So, I remove the directory where I was working and untar a
> fresh copy. make
> > mrproper, make menuconfig (and make no changes), make dep, make
> clean, make
> > zImage. Too large.
> >
> > tools/build bootsect setup compressed/vmlinux.out CURRENT > zImage
> > Root device is (8, 2)
> > Boot sector 512 bytes.
> > Setup is 1276 bytes.
> > System is 543 kB
> > System is too big. Try using bzImage or modules.
> doesn't this tell you anything ? have you tried make bzImage or bzlilo ?
> Next time try more things, maybe even read more files before askin' this
> very obvious question :)
> greetz
> Jim

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