Re: /proc/pci, lspci etc.

Martin Mares (
Tue, 1 Dec 1998 22:07:13 +0100


> Yes, but it is like saying that we don't need route or netstat -rn because there
> is /proc/net/route. The /proc/bus/pci/devices is good only if you know all ids
> by heart.

If we compare the situation to what we have with routing, we now get exactly
the same -- for routes you have /proc/net/route and the `route' command to
display it in human-readable format, for PCI you have /proc/bus/pci/devices
and lspci.

It's _really_ not sane to store table of all existing PCI devices in the
kernel along with their names. The era of just a few PCI devices where
/proc/pci was a possibility (although not a good one) is gone...

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