[2.1.131=pre2] Works here (UP PPRO, no MM problems yet (64 Mb RAM)

Benjamin Redelings I (bredelin@ucsd.edu)
Wed, 02 Dec 1998 01:17:05 -0800

I have a UP PPro with IDE HD and CDROM,an RT8029 NE2000 clone, and SB16
modularized sound. Everything seems to work well here, and I seem to be
getting faster rates on a few things like redraws where X is the
limiting factor: i.e. scrolling works better in Netscape.
I've tried to stress the MM a bit, and I haven't been able to cause any
problems yet, but we'll see what happens wih the next cron.daily and the
next debian update...


If E. Coli was a computer:
 "OPERON.DLL: Mutation in LACTOSE.DLL.  Entire system halted."

Benjamin Redelings I <>< http://sdcc13.ucsd.edu/~bredelin

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