Re: NTP dumps Linux, film at 11. [Fwd/FYI]

Riley Williams (
Wed, 2 Dec 1998 22:54:34 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Brandon.

>>> Have you seen systems lose time coherency without running
>>> Linux-AFS? The AFS code attempts to do time synchronization

>> I can report on the following RH systems, none of which have ever
>> run Linux-AFS. The first three are my own, the last two are at a
>> school whose networking I set up over the summer.

>> Based on this, it appears that the problem is in the Linux-AFS
>> code...

> I don't run Linux-AFS at home (over a 28.8 modem connection? I may
> be weird but I'm not *crazy* :-) --- xntpd synced my system this
> morning while I picked up mail, so the time was correct:

> Dec 2 06:44:26 rushlight xntpd[336]: time reset (step) 50.691801 s
> Dec 2 06:44:26 rushlight xntpd[336]: synchronisation lost

> The system sat idle from 06:58 until 17:06; I had an idle X11
> session, the only thing running was xscreensaver. But this
> afternoon:

> Dec 2 17:31:00 rushlight xntpd[336]: time reset (step) 42.043875 s
> Dec 2 17:31:00 rushlight xntpd[336]: synchronisation lost

> (My system at home usually loses time, but occasionally gains
> instead.)

> This is relatively stable compared to what it did when I first
> installed it; the numbers ranged from a gain of 38 minutes to a
> loss of over 3 hours (!).

> Red Hat 5.0 with kernel 2.0.33 built from pristine sources (*not*
> Red Hat's patched kernel). Uptime 8 1/2 days so far (a circuit
> breaker took exception to a light bulb burning out --- running
> power cables all over the apartment to get things on different
> circuits annoys the landlord...).

I can add that ALL of the machines I listed are running kernels
compiled from pristine sources since they all have specific
requirements not addressed by the RH kernels. My own machine (the
P166) has just about everything compiled as modules, but the others
are all virtually module-free - only the P133 has modules, and that
only for the PPP compression protocols as they have to be compiled as

Best wishes from Riley.

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