Re: vesafb and Scitech Display Doctor/DOS

Brian Gerst (
Wed, 02 Dec 1998 20:10:24 -0500

> Hi!
> Can I upgrade an old gfx card to VESA 2.0 ( 3.0 ) with
> scitech display doctor under DOS and then boot linux ?
> I tried it with an ASUS PCI-264CT ( Mach64CT based )
> , Scitech DD 6.53 for DOS and linux 2.1.130-pre3.
> I installed the SDD driver and loaded linux with loadlin.
> Some modes worked , others had a corrupted display.
> Did it work only accidentaly or it should work or what ?

If the card is capable of providing a linear framebuffer, then yes. The
only time the VESA BIOS (be it in ROM or a TSR) is accessed is during
boot, while still in real mode.


Brian Gerst

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