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3 Dec 1998 23:06:08 GMT

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By author: Christophe Dupre <>
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> > I blame it on all those space cadet shows that have their space craft
> > spinning sections of their bodies supposedly to create artificial gravity.
> > I've always wondered though, if the spinning resulted in artificial gravity
> > (I assume because of the direction of the floor in relation to those inside)
> > then what about when this spinning object is travelling in a direction
> > different from the spin direction.
> Babylon 5 is closer to the reality of physics - the spinning station
> creates artificial gravity, but only for people standing on the
> inside walls of the cylinder. Those who are near of rotation axis
> are in zero-gravity. This is not gravity guys, it's centrifugal
> force, the same that pushes you against your car's window when you
> take a sharp turn. --

Actually, it *is* gravity. Read up on general relativity if you don't
believe me.


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