Re: Wanted: partitionable md devices

Damon Buckwalter (
Thu, 03 Dec 1998 23:42:08 -0800

Mike Jagdis wrote:
> I thought I'd just chuck this one in - give someone something
> to think about over Christmas perhaps...
> I would like to be able to partition md devices. Why? Well, I want
> to put two drives on separate controllers in a RAID-0 pair because
> that gives me almost double the thoughput. Since they are 4GB
> drives that gives an 8GB md device.
> Now I want to use this md device for Informix Dynamic Server (yes,
> the current iBCS can install and run IDS 7.20 for SCO...). IDS will
> not let me have chunks greater than 2GB. Nor can I use the offset
> for a chunk to take a <2GB slice out of a device greater than 2GB.
> The only way to use a >2GB device for IDS is to put a filesystem
> on it and use files as IDS chunks. This works but means that if
> the system crashes I will need to fsck a large, mostly full filesystem
> before I can bring IDS up again.
> I really want to set up the md device then partition it. One
> alternative would be to partition the disks then put the partitions
> into a whole slew of md devices - but, IMHO, fragmenting one simple
> setup step into many setups is not a good idea if it can be sensibly
> avoided.

Couldn't you just set up 2G loop devices on the md device?

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