MegaRAID patch with SMP

Pavel Janik ml. (
04 Dec 1998 15:05:41 +0100


we are running SMP with 4 penguins and have problems with
MegaRAID/2.1.13x (all 2.1.x exactly). MegaRAID patch comes from Version for 2.1.131 is on

When running on 2.0.29 (latest versions are "SMP updated", so no go
for our configuration) no problems arrive (cd /usr/src/linux; make -j
5 bzImage is OK, -j 50 too ;-). 2.1.130 is bad - it stays about 30s of
compilation, then locks, no messages in log file. Some messages on the
console, but we did not write them down, but it is repoducible.

In the patch is something like:

+ * With SMP enabled under 2.1.118 with more than one processor, gets an
+ * error message "scsi_end_request: buffer-list destroyed" under heavy
+ * IO, but doesn't seem to affect operation, or data integrity. The
+ * message doesn't occur without SMP enabled, or with one proccessor with
+ * SMP enabled, or under any combination under 2.0 kernels.

It did the same for us. Any suggestion?

Pavel Janik ml.

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