Re: SMP scalability: 8 -> 32 CPUs

Jes Sorensen (
05 Dec 1998 10:50:07 +0100

>>>>> "Torbjorn" == Torbjorn Lindgren <> writes:

Torbjorn> On Thu, 3 Dec 1998, Jason Riedy wrote:
>> ASCI Blue Mountain is a cluster of O2000s with 6144 total
>> processors. I believe it's set up to appear as a cluster of single
>> machine images (1k processors), each of which is a NUMA, but I
>> don't have access to it to check. I don't know if the cluster
>> follows the same design as the individual machines (fuzzy
>> hypercubes).

Torbjorn> According to the information on the website it consists of
Torbjorn> 48 Origin2000 with 128 CPU's each. Each machine has 12
Torbjorn> HIPPI-800 ports, connected via a 3-dimensional torodial
Torbjorn> interconnect (with 36 16-port switches).

Hmmmm Linux could do that, though the most I've had in one of my PC's
so far at a time is 2 HIPPI interfaces. Now if I could just find a
PC with 12 spare PCI slots and some more HIPPI cards ;)

Ok this is a bit too off topic, sorry.


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